Starks Laces - Checkers

Starks Laces - Checkers
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Size Information 

- 45" is ideal for 3-6 eyelet sneakers such as: runners, Vans, Air Max, low tops, small sized sneakers, female sizes, or people that do not like to lace their sneakers tight. Also a good length if you want to string the lace through a hoodie. 

- 54" is ideal for 6 eyelets and more, sneakers such as: Mid/High tops, AF1 lows, big sizes (12 and up,) people who like to lace their sneaker all the way up, or to tie big loops. Also a good length if you want to use as a skater belt. 

- 45" is equal to 114.3cm. 54" is equal to 137.16cm.