About Us


Company Overview

PYS.com, formerly PickYourShoes.com, was founded in Southern California in 2002 by die-hard sneaker enthusiasts who answered the call to make rare, exclusive sneakers more accessible for those sneakerheads who didn't live near a renowned sneaker boutique. We wanted to share our passion for the shoes and accessories we love, and we strived to make it easier for people around the world to purchase these hard-to-find products with only a few clicks, instead of driving long distances or waiting in ridiculous lines for them.

PYS.com brought authentic, highly sought-after sneakers on the web at a time when the only online options were typically deceitful and unreliable. Over the years, we've established great relationships with top footwear companies and acquired lucrative accounts with cutting-edge international brands. This has allowed us to collaborate on exclusive projects, as well as offer exclusive items that you won't find online anywhere else.

Now - more than a decade later - PYS has grown to include apparel, accessories, and collectibles, as well as women's shoes and apparel from an increasing number of respected streetwear brands.


PYS brings you early releases, exclusive collaborations with your favorite brands, and new arrivals daily.