U-Lace Lacing System - Neon Orange Pack

U-Lace Lacing System - Neon Orange Pack
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U-Lace Customized Lacing System. Includes 16 Ulaces plus 2 top laces.Fabric: Lace: 100% polyester and aglet 100% acetate.U-Lace is an ingeniously simple new lacing system that makes complicated lace ups a thing of the past. Engineered to span one set of eyelets each, U-Laces give you the power to create an almost infinite combination of colours and configurations. They lock in and pop back out easily, so you can use them on multiple sneakers and change them as often as you like: quickly, easily, repeatedly.With so many colours available, you have billions of colour combinations at your fingertips. On top of that, when you consider all of the different and creative ways that you can configure U-Laces in your sneakers, the customisation possibilities reach into the trillions.U-Lace transforms you into a bon-a-fide sneaker designer, where the options are limitless. Go on, grab a few boxes of U-Lace...

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